DBB Group Hong Kong launches esports and gaming branch – Esports Insider

DBB Group Hong Kong launches esports and gaming branch – Esports Insider

Esports and gaming network agency DDB FTW (For The Win) has announced a regional branch based in Hong Kong.

The new branch, which will be a part of DDB Group Hong Kong, is expected to provide more local and regional gaming solutions for clients. 

Credit: DDB Group Hong Kong

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As part of the announcement, DDB Group Hong Kong has also secured exclusive partnerships with industry stakeholders, Esports Association Hong Kong (ESAHK) and CGA Entertainment Limited (CGA).

ESAHK is a non-profit organisation that works to support the development of esports. Moreover, CGA is an esports event organiser in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The three-way partnership was secured by an MOU agreement, which has been signed by all parties. 

According to the release, DDB FTW, ESAHK and CGA will collaborate to develop, promote and popularise esports culture in Hong Kong and the wider region.

Eddie Chen, President of Esports Association Hong Kong, commented: “This strategic partnership will be hugely beneficial to the industry and our large and growing community of gamers in this part of the world. We believe it will bring a level of sophistication to the gaming environment and help solidify this landscape as major hub of connectivity in people’s lives – a place to connect with people as well as brands.”