Dignitas and Zytara Labs Partner for Esports NFTs – Esportz Network

Dignitas and Zytara Labs Partner for Esports NFTs – Esportz Network

Esports organization Dignitas just announced that it will partner with non-fungible token (NFT) production studio company Zytara Labs for digital cards and NFTs.

Dignitas Esports NFTs

As part of the partnership, Zytara Labs will create a series of Dignitas NFT collections and playing cards to commemorate the esports team. Using the DigitalBits protocol, a variety of new collector items and memorabilia will be created. This includes digital collectibles featuring the style from Dignitas’ new rebrand and logo. Zytara will celebrate players, events, special moments, and even offer unique privileges for fans through this multiyear partnership.

“NFTs are the logical next step for esports teams, and we are excited to be leading this emerging wave in the gaming industry,” John Spiher, Vice President of Partnerships at Dignitas stated. “We look forward to working alongside Zytara Labs to create innovative fan opportunities to collect and trade our new playing cards and other NFTs.”

Zytara Labs Partnership

The new NFT platform from Zytara is estimated to launch in Q3 of 2021. That’s also when the Dignitas collections will likely be announced and revealed. Other activations through social media and giveaways also help drive fan engagement between the two brands. Zytara Labs showed its experience in the industry when it recently helped launch Floyd