Esports strategist Jimmy Baratta joins XSET Gaming – Esportz Network

Esports strategist Jimmy Baratta joins XSET Gaming – Esportz Network

Esports organization XSET Gaming announced today that strategist Jimmy Baratta joins the team as a key advisor and investor.

Jimmy Baratta Joins the Set

Baratta has long helped the esports community since his early career as an attorney. He especially contributed in the early days by helping found the North American Collegiate League (NACL), a non-profit supporting collegiate esports. Right now, he heads user acquisition and strategy initiatives for Wizard Labs, a software developing platform focusing on AI content creation. Jimmy Baratta is also an advisor for Esportz Network, including on its programming show, The Gamer Hour.

“Unlike other organizations, teams, or competitors in the esports space, XSET sets itself apart by walking the walk and talking the talk,” says Baratta. “I am excited to join an organization that is committed to bringing true value to the gaming and gaming culture space. XSET provides the means for players and teams to make a meaningful impact in gaming, no matter their background. I can’t wait to see what we can do together.”

XSET Gaming

Founded by various esports executives including musician Clinton Sparks, XSET Gaming continues to grow. In fact, XSET’s VALORANT esports team surprised fans by performing well at the VALORANT Champions Tour qualifiers. XSET co-founder and CEO Greg Selkoe spoke positively on Barattta’s arrival into the company.

“We are thrilled for Jimmy to #reptheset,” said Selkoe. “His addition to our growing list of contributors and partners adds another layer of strength, creativity, and legitimacy to our organization. Jimmy shares