Flashpoint-NiP-Anonymo Esports controversy explained – Esportz Network

Flashpoint-NiP-Anonymo Esports controversy explained – Esportz Network

On May 14, Nicolai “Dev1ce” Reedtz was preparing for his much-awaited Ninjas in Pyjamas debut. It was a crucial match for Flashpoint Season 3, a Valve-sponsored CS:GO esports RMR event. But NiP’s players faced connection issues with some players suffering packet loss up to 40%. Needless to say, for an elite like CS:GO esports, at the highest level, these connection issues come at a massive cost, especially for the team they lost to, Anonymo Esports.

Anonymo upsets NiP at Flashpoint Season 3

The Ninjas faced packet loss issues throughout the game and couldn’t play to their best, completely missing shots.

Despite approaching the Flashpoint admins to explore all possible solutions, NiP had to play out the match. The admins refused to entertain other solutions despite players on both teams agreeing to the same.

NiP released a statement soon after blaming ignorance, stubbornness and lack of solutions. The use of strong words shows the emotional weight of this loss for the NiP players. The players were evidently angry at Flashpoint organizers for their poor handling of the situation.