G4TV’s returns adds another major player to esports media – Quartz

G4TV’s returns adds another major player to esports media – Quartz

When video gaming television network G4TV shuttered its broadcast doors back in 2014, a part of gamer history winked off, presumably never to be seen again. But in the wake of the rise of esports, as well as Twitch and YouTube as destinations for streaming games, Comcast Spectacor, the esports and live sports division of Comcast, decided it was time to revive the brand many gamers grew up with in the early 2000s. 

The new version of the network, launching on Nov. 16, will be available to viewers on Verizon Fios, Xfinity TV, and Cox cable TV, as well as on Twitch (via a commercial partnership) and on YouTube. And rather than relaunching the network with a brand new approach, logo, and tone, the producers have decided to lean into the current obsession with retro-everything. The new version of the network has already brought back its familiar irony-laced interstitials via Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

The rebooted G4TV will feature familiar shows and new faces from Twitch and YouTube

And, along with the recognizable flavor of the aughts, G4 has also resurrected original programs like Attack of the Show (geek-focused entertainment news, reviews, and skits) and X-Play (gaming news and reviews), as well as fan-favorite hosts Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler. But this venture will also embrace social media personalities. The newer cast members are mostly heavyweight YouTube and Twitch influencers and streamers including Will Neff, Fiona Nova, Kassem “Kassem G” Gharaibeh, and Gina Darling.