GameSquare Esports Acquires Complexity Gaming – Esportz Network

GameSquare Esports Acquires Complexity Gaming – Esportz Network

GameSquare Esports, an international entertainment company, announced today that it’s acquired Complexity Gaming, one of America’s oldest and biggest esports organizations.

GameSquare Esports Takes Over

Owning Code Red, Reciprocity, GCN, and other brands, GameSquare Esports bringing on a veteran esports team increases the combined value and what they bring to the industry. As a publicly traded company, GameSquare Esports taking on Complexity Gaming will reinforce both brands’ standings in the space. More and more esports companies are hitting the stock markets and getting a notable team involved is huge. Complexity’s Texas-based operations will not be in jeopardy and will even strengthen because of this move. Its current ownership group also becomes major stakeholders of GameSquare Esports.

Dallas Cowboys CFO Tom Walker and Goff Capital President Travis Goff join GameSquare’s Board of Directors while Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones and investor John Goff lead its current raise of $17 million CAD. The company acquisition itself took place with a $27 million all-stock deal.

“Complexity’s rich history in esports and gaming was a natural fit for GameSquare as we strive to build the future of esports,” said GameSquare CEO Justin Kenna. “They are a powerhouse combination of winning teams, world-class