NACE Starleague, Largest Collegiate NA Esports League – Esportz Network

NACE Starleague, Largest Collegiate NA Esports League – Esportz Network

NACE, CSL Esports, Nerd Street Gamers, and Mainline, Four of North America’s biggest collegiate esports organizations and league, announced a major partnership today to establish NACE Starleague. This will be the biggest esports league in NA for college students and schools to build careers and opportunities.

NACE Starleague

National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), shared the news today regarding the new league that will encompass over 14,500 students from 600 colleges and universities. Boasting esports leaders from multiple prestigious schools across the US, NACE and Collegiate StarLeague (CSL) working together vastly grows the scene. Participating schools can soon host localized invitationals and even develop their own esports practice facilities. New broadcasting options can also be made possible.

So far, NACE Starleague shared that operations begin in Fall 2021. Already kicking off strong, new tournaments encompassing all tiers of skill start in August. Between student-run clubs, school varsity teams, all students can join the competition. Varisity competition registration opens in early August with NACE overseeing match rules.

“Our partnership will bring together the largest number of North American institutions and students that collegiate esports has ever seen,” said Michael Brooks, Executive Director of NACE. “Working together with some of the biggest powerhouses in