Rainbow Six Siege Esports 2021 NA League – Esportz Network

Rainbow Six Siege Esports 2021 NA League – Esportz Network

Ubisoft and the Rainbow Six Siege Esports team announced the details today for the 2021 North American League (NAL), the Challenger League, and more.

North American League

In a social media post, the team talked about Rainbow Six esports NAL’s details, schedule, Challenger League, and more. For the entire 2021 season, competition is planned to take place offline. Specifically, these events will occur in the Las Vegas Esports Arena.

TSM, Spacestation Gaming, DarkZero Esports, Disrupt Gaming, Soniqs, Oxygen Esports, Mirage, XSET, and beastcoast are the Rainbow Six Siege esports teams representing North America. Stage 1 begins on March 24 at 1 PM PST with a best-of-one round-robin format. To wrap up Stage 1, a Super Week will take place and determine the final standings.

In terms of the rewards, Rainbow Six Siege esports for the North American League boasts a $300 thousand prize pool. This covers all 3 Stages and the R6NAL Finals too. Each Stage gets a $50 thousand prize pool and the finals receive the other $150 thousand prizing.

R6 Siege Esports and Challenger

Regarding the tier 2 competitive scene, Rainbow Six Siege Challenger League takes 16 teams in 2021. This is