The Nine Different Types of Gamer Personas – Esportz Network

The Nine Different Types of Gamer Personas – Esportz Network

Esports data company Newzoo found new insights on the different types of gamers and revealed their nine types of personas that video game players can fall into.

Newzoo’s Segmentation Data

Newzoo’s data found different archetypes that all gamers can fall into. The value of knowing more about these nine gamer personalities is primarily for marketing research. Knowing the demographics and details of the segmentation and personas can deliver the right audience to a business. Because not all gamers are the same, it’s important to identify which audiences esports and gaming industry companies should target.

The nine gamer personas are Ultimate Gamers, All-Round Enthusiasts, Time Fillers, Bargain Buyers, Community Gamers, Hardware Enthusiasts, Popcorn Gamers, Backseat Viewers, and Lapsed Gamers. Information about them ranges from the Ultimate Gamer who participates in everything, to the Lapsed Gamer who no longer plays.

Newzoo's nine different gamer personas and the different types of players.

Image credits to Newzoo.

Nine Gamer Personas

From esports industry revenue in 2021 to tracking viewership per game, Newzoo always looks to share the latest data. Now with the nine gamer personas, segmenting the gaming market for brands provides more value than ever before.  Newzoo’s report labeled the nine gamer personas as follows.