Tweek Crowned Smash Ultimate Summit 3 Champion – Esportz Network

Tweek Crowned Smash Ultimate Summit 3 Champion – Esportz Network

Smash Ultimate Summit 3 just ended, with Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey’s Diddy Kong sweeping Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez’s Pyra and Mythra in the esports event’s grand finals.

The Smash Ultimate esports community has waited nearly a year for this tournament. After a year of delays due to the pandemic, it was finally time for this showdown between the best players. In the end, TSM FTX Tweek came out on top with an overwhelming playoff performance.

Tweek’s Diddy

Smash Ultimate Summit 3, did not start well at all for Tweek. He lost two out of his first three matches, miraculously qualifying for the playoffs thanks to a 2-0 tiebreaker against Ken. While the other players had a better start than him, they probably hoped the situation would remain the same. Unfortunately, Tweek’s Diddy Kong gradually became unstoppable.

During both his playoff matches against Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez and MkLeo, Tweek faced the same character seven times. It gave him enough experience to sweep MkLeo in the Grand Finals, stopping a historic three-peat at Smash Ultimate Summit.

Over the past year, Tweek did not participate in many events. Instead, he