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Russian esports organization announced today that it’s disbanding its Fortnite roster and leaving the esports scene. Leaves Fortnite

After playing in the competitive scene for three years, the team thought it was time to call it quits. They clearly thought hard on it since it listed multiple reasons for its departure as an org. cited two crucial reasons why it thought leaving Fortnite esports was best.

First, VP recognizes that the stars in the scene are never the teams but the players. With Epic Games’ Creator Codes and the way the competitive system structures around players, the org believes their presence is unnecessary. The other reason is based on Fortnite’s audience. Because the majority of Fortnite fans are very young, sponsorship deals often can’t follow through. According to, Epic Games even actively denies sponsors for some categories, likely due to the young audience.

Fortnite Esports Roster

VP does believe that they may return to competitive Fortnite in the future but that’s not in the near future. Dmitriy “Hurmaxx” Geynts, Kirill “kiryacheFN” Griyshin, Jamal “jvmsidxx” Saydaev and Dmitry “Siberiajkee” Voronin comprised the Fortnite roster. For now, the players must find new teams to compete on. Thus