What are the different types of esports bets? – Esportz Network

What are the different types of esports bets? – Esportz Network

The esports betting industry is still relatively new. However, the industry is growing very fast partly because of better regulations and more participation. Here are a few common types of esports bets that users can acquaint themselves with before diving into the world of betting.

Types of Esports Bets

Esports bets and betting depends in tournaments.

Predicting an off-beat tournament winner can result in higher margins. Image Credit: ESL

Tournament Winner

Most bookies offer bettors the opportunity to place bets on a tournament winner. Esports is an ever-changing landscape and many factors affect a team’s performance. Regular game updates and players’ individual form play a major factor in determining a team’s performance at an event. During the past year, most tournaments shifted online and teams are more unpredictable in online events. As a result, there can be many upsets, allowing bettors to make some serious money.

Match Winner

Users can also bet on individual match outcomes. ‘Match winner’ bets rely on similar factors as tournament winners but on a local scale. While a team might win the tournament, it is uncommon to see an undefeated run. Upsets happen in esports and with proper research, esports bettors can find good odds.

First Map

Most bookies allow users to bet on the winner of individual maps in esports games. Users with adequate knowledge of a team’s map pool might have a slight advantage in these types of bets. In MOBAs, it boils down to the draft. However, in most